Ice Cream

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Ron Cross remembers a neighbour who made ice cream after the war to sell on the Downs.

Four paintings of ice cream by year 4-5 pupils at Burnbush Primary School

Ice Cream by Year 4-5 pupils at Burnbush Primary School


Ron Cross:

I was born in  1934, lived quite near Clifton Down station. There was a woman who lived near us who used to make ice cream and it had chips of ice in it, no chocolate or any stuff like that, well we didn’t aspire to a wafer, no it was all cones, a ha’penny or a penny a cone, and she used to sell it out of her back door to us kids. She was a little old lady, only 5 foot if that, but she had this massive great trolley thing that was obviously refrigerated. She used to make her ice cream and then she would push it, push this trolley up through Duchess Road, Beaufort Road, St Johns Road, up tot the top of the Downs, and she would sell her ice cream, and when she’d sold it all she would come home again. I mean how the hell she got it up there I don’t know because, as I say, she wasn’t much taller than the thing itself.

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