Burnbush Durdham Down Adventure

The Burnbush boardgame

Children from Year 4/5 from Burnbush Primary School explored Durdham Down, many of them visiting the Downs for the first time. When the children returned to the classroom they worked in groups to create their own boardgames to demonstrate what they had learned about the landscape and its history. At the end of the week, parents and carers were invited to come into school to play the board games.

Local Learning used elements from each of the children’s games to create the Burnbush Durdham Down Adventure. Copies of the games were given to the children and distributed to other schools and libraries across Bristol.

You can download a pdf of the boardgame here (right click, save as) and the game cards from here. The boardgame has been designed to be A3 in size, but works fine at A4.

The children at Burnbush also listened to some of the audio histories in class and produced artwork to accompany the stories.

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